Well, hello!

I like to draw, watch movies, read books, play the flute, and eat. Most importantly eat.


You light up my life!
Wire, Tissue paper, gel medium

Flannery O'connor

I adore Miss Flannery O'connor.
What a wonderful writer, such a beautiful person.
Fun fact about Flannery: She enjoyed painting birds!
We would be best friends, O'connor and I.


Some Sketches of Beautiful People

Here are some sketches. This man is modeled from Peter Lorre, the murderer in Fritz Lang's German Expressionist film, M.

Behold, Fritz Lang. The man. A beautiful artist, and compulsive liar. He often made up fibs in interviews, such as running away from home. A beautiful trick. His life became his art.

My rendition of Georges Lepape's cover of Vogue magazine in the 20s. He's one classy dude.

Below is an audio chip from a birthday card. When the page turns, you hear James Brown singing "I Feel Good"

This is a picture of Oscar Wilde, who has nothing to do with James Brown. But oh boy, if they got together...... Fabulous!

Whats this? Oh, you know, just a guy.With three arrows in his back. Need I explain more?